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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drive-In Delight

The group decided to put together a last minute event for the month of June that involved tailgates, concessions food, and giant screens. Since there was such a short notice, only a few people were able to make it to the Drive-In in Woodbury, TN, but we still had a really great time!

Adam and Gena brought their kids as well as some friends to watch Toy Story 3. They passed the time waiting for the movie to begin by tossing a football around and playing on the playground. Since they had already seen TS3, Mitch & Pam and Brad & Mindy parked at the other screen to watch Grownups. It turned out to be a really late night for everyone, especially the kids, but it was totally worth the fun and outdoor movie-watching experience! 

Mitch and Pam waiting for the movie to start.

Brad and Mindy sitting on their tailgate.

A sample of the delicious concessions dinner.

Mindy and Pam waiting for dusk to come.

The Hesselrodes

The rest of the TS3 clan

Mommy & Daughter

Adam with his boys

This event was hopefully the first of many monthly activities that we'll do as a group. It was a great way to kick off the summer, as well as the upcoming schedule!